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Alternative Film/Video festival

Alternative Film/Video Festival was established in 1982 in Belgrade, Serbia (Yugoslavia). As a meeting place for artists, theorists, critics and the audience, the festival’s mission has been to record and theorise movements, promote constructive values and support new creative possibilities in visual media. The festival provides a glimpse of the current state of new film and video tendencies in the region and the world. The founder and the organizer of the festival is Academic Film Center Belgrade of Students’ City Cultural Center.

The festival was held for the first time in 1982 under the title Alternative Film Festival with the proclaimed intention to explore works which do not fit into established categories and which do not align with dominant commercial and aesthetic trends. The selection included various modes of alternative, experimental, art, personal and radical films. Since 1985 the festival changed its name to Alternative Film/Video and became one of the first film festivals in Europe to show films and videos equally in its competition selection. In that way, the festival established and further explored the relation of alternative film and video production to commercial and classical cinema, but also the relation between film and video aesthetics and production. Discontinued in 1990, the festival was reestablished in 2003, first as a regional (ex-Yugoslav) festival, and since 2006 as an international festival.

The festival programme usually consists of two multimedia exhibitions, an opening performance, a workshop and various public programmes. Accompanying programmes aim to form a referent frame for contextualizing the contemporary alternative and experimental cinema. The Alternative Film/Video Research Forum (since 2012) and the two open panel discussions: one about the festival theme and another one with jury members on the festival’s selection and awarded works. These discussions are transcribed and published annually since 2003.

The festival’s specificity since the beginning is that it doesn’t award films hierarchically – instead, the jury selects works for the List of the Significant Achievements of the festival.

Editions / Izdanja

Alternative Film/Video 1982-1990 editions did not have thematic framework / bez tematskog okvira

Alternative Film/Video was in hiatus / nije održan u periodu 1991-2003.

Alternative Film/Video 2003: Between Squares / Između kvadrata

Alternative Film/Video 2004: State of Things / Stanje stvari

Alternative Film/Video 2005: Networks / Mreže

Alternative Film/Video 2006: Laboratory / Laboratorija

Alternative Film/Video 2007: Associations / Asocijacije

Alternative Film/Video 2008: Memory / Sećanje

Alternative Film/Video 2009: Found Footage

Alternative Film/Video 2010: The Cine-Club Era / Vreme kino-klubova

Alternative Film/Video 2011: Archives, Digitalization, Distribution of Alternative Films / Arhivi, digitalizacija i distribucija alternativnog filma

Alternative Film/Video 2012: Film After Film / Film posle filma

Alternative Film/Video 2013: Structural Film / Strukturalni film

Alternative Film/Video 2014: Experimental Film and Video Art / Eksperimentalni film i video-art

Alternative Film/Video 2015: Alternative Cinema in the Age of the Internet / Alternativni film u vreme interneta

Alternative Film/Video 2016: Art Movements / Umetnički pokreti

Alternative Film/Video 2017: Subversion / Subverzija

Alternative Film/Video 2018: Collectivism / Kolektivizam

Alternative Film/Video 2019: Great Acceleration / Veliko ubrzanje

Alternative Film/Video 2020: Covid19 edition: No specific theme

AFV tim

Doplgenger artist duo

Doplgenger artist duo (Isidora Ilić & Boško Prostran) are the chief curators and Competition program selectors of AFV festival. Doplgenger deals with the relationship between art and politics through a review of the mode of moving images and the ways of their reception. Their works have been shown at festivals and institutions such as the Talin Biennale of Contemporary Art, the National Gallery of Macedonia, the Celje Art Salon, the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art (MMOMA), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, the Bonn Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, the Pompidou Centre, the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Seattle International Film Festival, the Stedelijk Museum… They were the winners of the 2015 Politika Award for best exhibition in Serbia. They have edited the publication “Amateurs for Film” (2017), and since 2018 they are curators and selectors of the Alternative Film/Video festival in Belgrade.

© photo: Uroš Miloradović


Gred de Kjur

Greg de Cuir Jr is an independent curator, writer and translator who lives and works in Belgrade. He is selector for the AFV program South by Southeast and founder and organiser of the Alternative Research Forum.

*photo by Ephraim Asili

greg de kjur


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ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO is an international Festival established in 1982. As a meeting place for artists, theorists, critics and audiences, the Festival’s goal is to record and theoretically define movements, promote constructive values and support new creative possibilities in visual media.
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Alternative Film/Video festival

Alternative Film/Video festival